Repair Drop Off Day at High Energy Vintage


Do you have a beloved garment that needs a little TLC? Drop it off with me and have it repaired!

When is your next drop off day?
Sunday, April 14th.

Where do I drop off?
High Energy Vintage, 429 Somerville Ave. in Union Square, Somerville.

How will it work?
Bring your clean garment to the shop during store hours, 12-6pm. After we consult about what your garment needs and what repair options are available, you'll get a quote for the work and pay half as a deposit. I'll bring your completed repair back to High Energy for pick up. You'll pay the balance and be on your way with your freshly mended garment! Shipping will also be available for an additional cost.

How long will my repairs take?
Expect most repairs to take between 2-4 weeks. Once your repair is completed, I'll notify you and you'll be able to pick up at High Energy Vintage.


How much will it cost?
Most repairs will start at $25. Super simple repairs might be a bit less. Visible or invisible mending options will be available. Note that visible mending typically costs more due to the hand work involved - you can expect visible mends requiring handwork (like darning or hand patching) to start around $50. Check out my visible mending work to get an idea of my visible mending style.

What kind of repairs can you do?
I offer machine darning and patching denim, restitching seams, patching shirts or trousers, and simple knitwear repairs. I'll also accept zipper replacements and outerwear repairs on a case by case basis. You can see some of my previous client repairs here.

Are there repairs you won't be accepting?
Leather goods, formal wear, shoes - I simply don't have the right equipment, or it's not my specialty! (Beleive me, you don't want me working on your chiffon dress!) I might not be able to repair some active wear, but it depends on the damage and the material.

What about alterations?
I don't offer alterations. Sorry! This is a totally different skill-set from repair. Most alterations can be done by a trusted dry cleaner, or I recommend Union Square Tailoring in Somerville. Alterations include hemming pants and skirts, and tailoring garments to fit better.


Why should I repair my clothes?
According to the EPA, 85% of discarded textiles end up in a landfill or burned. An estimated 17 million tons of textiles went to landfill in 2018. Repairing garments keeps them in use longer and diverts them from this devastating textile waste stream. If you loved it enough to buy it, love it enough to keep it in your closet!

I still have questions!
Contact me! Please include a photo of the item you'd like repaired to help me better assess your particular needs!


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